Stretch Yourself A Bit Everyday

by Saju Joseph on November 9, 2016


Most people want to grow in life and I don’t only mean by getting rich but growth in terms of knowledge, gaining more wisdom, ability to make good and sound decisions in life, in achieving excellence at work, ability to create and maintain healthy relationships, grow as a leader in the community you serve, grow in confidence, grow and maintain a better physical appearance by eating healthy & exercising regularly and many more.

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I finally found my inspiration to write books

by Saju Joseph on September 8, 2016


Writing a book has always been a dream since the time I got hooked to the first book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Steven Covey. And after many years, I managed to publish my first book just a week back.

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There Are Endless Possibilities For People Who Think Right

Imagine that you are a young adult having a really bad day. You go to your class and the teacher turns to you and gives your midterm papers. You got a C+. You are very disappointed. That evening on your way back home you get into a bitter argument with a stranger in the local train. Being really frustrated, you call your best friend to share your experience but your friend sorts of brushes you off.

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After 10 Years of Marriage This is How it Feels

by Saju Joseph on February 19, 2016


Its been 10 years since we said ‘I DO’ to each other. We cherish each day and moment through the good times and the bad ones. Let me share with you what it looks like after being married for 10 years.

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Guard your heart at all times

by Saju Joseph on February 18, 2016

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.

To my loving sons Jairus and Amaze. It is such a joy and pleasure to see both of you grow up and make sense of the world around you. Though there is not much for you to deal with at this present moment apart from coping with the daily disciplines, focusing at study time, bullies at the park, and the stray dog below the building, remember it gets tougher as you keep growing up.

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The Dimensional Mind

by Saju Joseph on November 10, 2015


When we were kids we lived in a world filled with possibilities, our thoughts wandered without boundaries, just like dreams filled with images, places and actions. As we grow older we link these imaginations with our experiences and eventually form conclusions that kill creativity.

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What is Social Intelligence and Why does it matter?

by Saju Joseph on November 5, 2015

We often feel an emotional drain in dealing with arrogant, mean and manipulative people around us and for most of us our minds get absorbed in unwanted battles that make us unhappy and unproductive.

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Your Origins have a Story to Tell

by Saju Joseph on October 23, 2015


During my quest of finding my purpose in life, I read this interesting quote somewhere which sounded like “Return to your Origins to find a clue to your purpose expressed through your inclinations towards a particular object or an idea”.

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Discover Your Purpose

by Saju Joseph on October 21, 2015


I firmly believe that every person on this planet earth is born for a purpose and it is important for you to discover it for yourself because that is what will guide you into a brighter and better future. Here are some of my personal thoughts and ideas about discovering your purpose.
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The Challenges of Homeschooling in India

by Saju Joseph on August 27, 2015


There are a lot of people who ask questions about the challenges and drawbacks of homeschooling kids. So in this article I thought I’ll answers the 2 most common questions we often get to hear.
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