After a long gap of around 4-5 years we spontaneously decided to go on a 10 day trip to Kerala. Both the boys are grownup now and can understand and remember a lot. We decided to travel on a 32 hour Sleeper class train journey because we know our boys would enjoy the train journey as well as the beauty of nature and they would be able to relate better to my childhood stories of train journeys.Took a short break from homeschooling but I’m sure Jane has definitely carried some books without my knowledge to make optimum use of spare time. 

This journey refreshes a lot of memories and fun moments of my childhood. I thought I lost those memories but looking at my boys playing, tempted by all the little toys and snacks sold on the train and jumping between the berths reminds me of my yesteryears. As a parent, I know they need discipline in order to maintain a composed posture (which isnt too difficult most of the times with our boys) but I guess letting them be kids in loudly expressing their excitement is good, its a feeling I can definitely understand.  

When we were small, our family visits here was mostly about meeting lots of relatives and visiting places especially Kanyakumari. This time I think I want it more relaxed, to spend more quality time with wifey and kids 🙂 

Hope to get good rest.