It’s women’s day on the 8th of March and how can I miss not mentioning about the 3 most beautiful & important women in my life.

My Wife Jane

A woman of great strength and inner beauty. A woman, who brought great warmth in my Life, helped me believe in myself.

A woman who patiently sat down quietly and listened to everything I had to share; my dreams, ambitions, weaknesses, failures, life, God and always making perfect sense of what I thought was senseless at times.

She made me realize what real love is, instilled a desire to pursue God and brought out the best in me in every way.

A woman who can win the world with her beautiful smile; she fills my life with such joy and happiness.

I commend her for the strength she displays in times of difficulty and pain and brings stability to my life.

I do wonder how she manages to do much in so little time and still have a smile on her face. Right from teaching the boys (btw we homeschool our children), managing a business and the house chores, putting up sumptuous meals, to taking out time to pray.

You can imagine what my life would be without her and I love her for the woman she is.

My Mom Sobhana

A woman of great sacrifice. A woman who laid aside her comforts her dreams for the sake of her family, a woman who always wanted to see the best in her children and do the best for our family.

Just when you thought that her day was done after performing endless tasks and tending to our needs simultaneously, she would find something else to do and keep busy, an extremely hard working woman who wouldn’t give any room for excuse to get work done.

The pain she went through, the tears she shed, the sleepless nights she suffered, I am so indebted to her.

She laid the foundation for my life, encouraged me to pursue my talents, taught me to do good to others no matter what, never to pursue crooked ways to achieve goals in life, to fear God and even inspired me to cook.

I loved spending time with her in the kitchen talking and laughing. Even though people mocked me for being a Mama’s boy I loved it. I have no regrets for the time I spent with her and if given a chance I will do the same all over again.

My Mom-in-Law Mony

A woman of great faith, fun, and endurance. A woman who has consistently stood strong in times of trouble believing in her God. Her faith in God inspires me the most.

She’s been a great mother not just to her children but also to their spouses which include me. She’s always treated me like her own and always encourages me to trust in the Almighty.

She’s being a strong pillar to every person in her life. She never gets tired of keeping her house and everything else in the perfect order, finding out how she can make improvements and make things look more beautiful, always orderly and organized.

A fun loving and efficient woman with whom I can share and talk just about anything and everything without feeling ashamed or being judged.

On the occasion of women’s day I salute these women in my life without whom I am incomplete.