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Your Origins have a Story to Tell

During my quest of finding my purpose in life, I read this interesting quote somewhere which sounded like “Return to your Origins to find a clue to your purpose expressed through your inclinations towards a particular object or an idea”…. Continue Reading →

Discover Your Purpose

I firmly believe that every person on this planet earth is born for a purpose and it is important for you to discover it for yourself because that is what will guide you into a brighter and better future. Here are some… Continue Reading →

6 Parent Habits Children Hate the most

We have 2 boys Jairus & Amaziah aged 7 and 3 and a half years old and as parents it is our heart’s desire to see them grow in a loving and healthy environment; environment where they learn to value family… Continue Reading →

11 Things to consider before travelling in a Mumbai Local

Though I lived in Mumbai all my life it’s just a few months back that I regularly started traveling in Mumbai Local trains because of a new job. To give you a little background about my train travel. I live… Continue Reading →

People are Precious

Jane and I were talking this morning and remembering some of our old friends with whom we have lost connection. We spoke about getting in touch and keeping that connection and friendship alive. At the end of our conversation we… Continue Reading →

Losing my Virginity

“Losing my virginity” is a book I recently read, an autobiography of Richard Branson, an English businessman and investor who is best known as the founder of Virgin Group. And to everyone who asked me what I thought about the… Continue Reading →

By all means break some rules

I was always under the impression that if I have to win then I need to play within the rules; which is what our schools teach us, our organization enforces and the government expects from us. Now that I think… Continue Reading →

Drifting away & finding your own path

This morning as I left home for work, a sudden thought occurred to me. I was walking towards the bus stand and remembered talking to a friend the other day and telling him that I never run after a train… Continue Reading →

Lessons we can learn from men who can time travel

Last week we saw this amazing movie called “About Time“. It’s a story of an unusual family where the men in the household have a secret that nobody else in the family knew about. They had the ability to travel… Continue Reading →

Homeschooling in India Reason #3 – To Nurture Creativity

“Throughout the world, companies, and organizations are trying to compete in a world of economic and technological change that is moving faster than ever. As the axis shifts towards intellectual labor and services, they urgently need people who are creative,… Continue Reading →

Homeschooling in India Reason #2 – To Avoid Unhealthy Competition

In my previous articles on homeschooling “Homeschooling in India – The Starting point”and “Homeschooling in India Reason #1 – To Bridge learning styles” I shared the starting point and the primary reason for homeschooling our boys. One of the other reason… Continue Reading →

Homeschooling in India Reason #1 – To Bridge Learning Styles

In my previous post (Homeschooling in India – The Starting Point) I shared with you the starting point of our home school journey. Here I want to share the No. 1 reason why we opted for home schooling instead of regular… Continue Reading →

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