I firmly believe that every person on this planet earth is born for a purpose and it is important for you to discover it for yourself because that is what will guide you into a brighter and better future. Here are some of my personal thoughts and ideas about discovering your purpose.

Why is it important for you to discover your individual purpose?

You are made for a purpose

The first reason to find your purpose in life is because you were made for a purpose and to live life as it comes without any focus is foolishness.

I like this verse in the Bible which says “We are God’s masterpiece” and I love that description about me  because it gives me a boost in life.

Sometime back I read this scientific explanation of how a human brain is formed. They say the brain is the only odd organ that seems to grow backwards. Our liver, kidneys and skin all start small and become gradually larger until they reach their appropriate adult size.

The secret to making sense of this topsy turvy organ can be found in what is called a “synapse”. A synapse is a connection between 2 brain cells that enables the cells (also called neurons) to communicate with each other.

The surprising fact is 42 days after you are conceived in your mothers womb your brain experiences a 4 month growth spurt wherein all your brain cells get connected to each other forming millions of synapses and after you are born, within 3 years these connections starts breaking ultimately leaving behind just few connections, few synapses which explains the backward growth which ultimately becomes your area of strength and passion. The connections that are left behind are for a purpose and you need to discover them at any cost.

Your individual purpose should override all other voices in your head, voices of what your parents want from you, voices of what your friends think about you and even the voices of your managers in your workplace.

Finding your purpose will give you a sense of direction.

A clear sense of purpose will enable you to focus your efforts on what matters most, compelling you to take risks and push forward regardless of the odds or obstacles.

How to find your purpose?

1. It is your purpose that will ultimately bring you satisfaction and fulfilment and therefore you should list down and ponder on the things in life that brings true satisfaction & fulfilment to you.

2. Your purpose should always be about others and not about yourself. It has to be selfless and it has to make an impact on the lives of those around you.

3. List down your passions & you will find a clue.

John Maxwell, businessman & Leadership trainer once said.

“Passion often is linked with purpose. What I love to do is often what I should do. We have been created within us the capacity to have things that we enjoy greatly and a lot of times there is a definite relationship between what I am in love with and what I should be doing, we are created and wired in such a way that passion and purpose many times come together.”

Think about the areas that you are passionate about and that will give you a clue to your purpose.

3. Finally list down your gifts which links with your passion

Being passionate is good. But it is also possible for us to be passionate about something that we are not good at or we are not gifted with.

If you’ve watched the Indian idol auditions, you must have seen a bunch of contestants sing in a way that made them appear so passionate yet could drive away the judges or anyone present in that room. Are they passionate? Of course they are, but are they gifted? Not at all.

So find a gift which can be linked with your passion that serves others and ultimately brings you satisfaction and fulfilment in life and you’ve found your purpose.