We are moving house this month and in the beginning Jane & I was not too excited because we are moving from a 2 bhk to a 1 bhk since we’re planning to have an office elsewhere and not connected with our residence. As per human standards, we are moving from a bigger apartment to a smaller one and that too quite far away from our immediate families.

On the other hand, we noticed our son Jairus seems to be over excited to move out to this new place, he is excited about the new change in his life regardless of the size of the house or any other facilities surrounding him. His attitude towards the whole process of moving elsewhere just touched our hearts and made us think.

I’ve noticed most of us seek change but also fear the process at the same time, even good changes seem unsettling and downright upsetting for many. I think we all need to embrace change more consciously and learn how to manage it well.

The change gives us an opportunity to grow, helps us to create new and efficient ways of problem-solving to the challenges we face each day. It humbles us when things don’t work the way we expect it to happen, it enlarges us when we reach great heights. That’s what it does but all depends on whether we embrace it positively or negatively.