It’s been around 3 months since I left my full time job and started working as a Digital Marketing Trainer and Coach. Although its been a tough journey so far trying to meet family needs while balancing my personal life and other stuffs all at once, I’m genuinely loving this.

I get to do what I love but mostly its the time that I get to spend with my family and especially with kids that count most; like this morning where we on the spur of the moment decided to go to Crossword bookstore and pick up books that were on sale.

I must admit that in these last few months, I’ve discovered a number of little pleasures which I never perceived earlier probably because of the busy work schedule and stuff but also because I failed to observe them the way I do now such as meditating on Gods goodness and greatness, staring at the rains, watching the birds, reading an interesting book, playing silly games with my boys etc, to name a few. I don’t take this for granted but instead I’m ever grateful to God for this privilege that not everyone gets to enjoy because they have no choice but to toil and earn their living doing that what they don’t even really take pleasure in.

My car has this tiny Japanese puppet that keeps nodding his head all the time, even when the car is at a halt. Once while we were traveling, we stopped at a signal and a little girl who was begging on the street saw the puppet from the window. She almost forgot what she was doing for a moment and kept staring at the puppet till the signal started.

The girl reminded me of the harsh reality of Life that keeps us blinded, binded and busy that we forget to notice the little pleasures that give true joy and satisfaction that no money or treasure can give.

I’ve learned that we don’t have any excuses to give, only regrets. Every moment is fleeting that won’t come back, moments spent with yourself, your family, your friends that you let pass by only because you were too busy in your head is such a waste and disappointment.

To enjoy the little pleasure we have to be intentional, keep aside every distraction that unnecessarily waste our time and consume our energy. Smart phones and other gadgets I believe are the biggest culprits including social media sites that invade our personal space.

Remember, there are immense pleasures we can draw from every moment of our Life, the pleasure of being loved, forgiven, cherished. The pleasure of giving away of our time, money and treasures for the benefit of another. The pleasure of watching your children sleep. The pleasure of looking deeply into the eyes of your beloved.

Our time on earth is limited, if you’ve not realized it then ask someone who’s recently been diagnosed with cancer or some deadly disease. You will realize the fragile nature of our earthly existence.

Therefore, Let’s make much of Life enjoying all the little pleasure around us.