To my loving sons Jairus and Amaze. It is such a joy and pleasure to see both of you grow up and make sense of the world around you. Though there is not much for you to deal with at this present moment apart from coping with the daily disciplines, focusing at study time, bullies at the park, and the stray dog below the building, remember it gets tougher as you keep growing up.

God has made you both unique and full of purpose, and the purpose is not to make you look good but to make Him look good through you. I know its a bit difficult to understand what I just said because we grow up thinking that we are the center of our lives and everything else revolves around us. That is far from the truth and learning this lesson sooner in your life will save you a lot of trouble.

Our heart is deceptive and no matter how much wealth and fame we achieve for ourselves they never guarantee true joy and happiness. If that was the case all wealthy people in this world would have been the happiest people on earth. Unfortunately that is not true as well.

For this very reason guard your heart at all times when the world around you starts looking glamorous and fancy or if it treats you too harshly for being different, seek after God and sought the things that give you true joy and happiness, live life to the fullest and most importantly have fun.