In school, history was never a subject of interest. Instead I hated it to the core because reading a history book meant remembering irrelevant names and places that will appear in the final examination paper. I was never good at mugging up names, not good even today. Sometimes I wish school days were different, wish it was more about learning and not about passing exams.

The unhealthy competition in schools is what troubles me the most. Why can’t it be more about learning and not grading students. I was a low performing student and according to my teacher I was supposed to work as a car mechanic. Thank God things didn’t turn out that way. My point precisely is that I didn’t like the way they taught history in my school. And by the way I’m not generalizing all schools to be the same, I’m sure there are good schools with great teachers

Nevertheless, I’m glad that homeschooling gives us an opportunity to make learning interesting and build curiosity in our kids.

Anyways, recently I had this urge to tell my kids the story of our nation India, our people. But soon realized that I hardly have knowledge about our past myself and failed to take serious interest in learning about it. The desire led me to search the internet in order to find a simple yet detailed history of India that I can narrate to my boys.

After browsing online for quite a while, I finally found this amazing book called ‘A Children’s History of India‘ by Subhadra Sen Gupta. A simple yet detailed history of India, one that provoked me to think deeply about the people of India, our culture, our failures, our victories.

I couldn’t resist reading the book till the end in a matter of very few days and I must say it was delightful. Lots of interesting stories to tell my boys.

The book ends with the stories of our bravehearted freedom fighters and leaders who shaped India and gave us our unique and profound Constitution; a constitution that gives every Indian an equal right to speech and to live a life of freedom.

In my opinion, this book is not only written for children but even more so for us grownups and therefore I highly recommend that you purchase a copy for your family and use the privilege to learn the enchanting history of our nation.