Last week we saw this amazing movie called “About Time“. It’s a story of an unusual family where the men in the household have a secret that nobody else in the family knew about. They had the ability to travel back in time.

At the age of 21, Tim’s father reveals to his son the secret that nobody else knew, the ability to travel in time. Tim could go back in time and change what happened in his own life and nothing outside of that.

Tim who is now in his adulthood, first thing decides to get a girlfriend which doesn’t turn out as easy as he thought but eventually he did manage to find one and marry her.

Every time Tim thought he could have done things better he would travel back in time and re-do it all over again.

Now, though I know this is absolutely impossible and simply a fiction, there were some simple truths I learned from watching this movie. So, here it is –

Lesson #1 – Chasing money can ruin our life

At the beginning when Tim’s father tells him the secret, Tim explores the possibilities of what can be done with this amazing gift. Maybe make a lot of money but the Father points to his uncle’s picture on the wall who ruined his life chasing after money.

This is true even for us with no such gift. Chasing after money will do no good to anybody because it’s not the amount of money in our bank account that determines our happiness quotient. If that was the case all the rich people in this world would have been the happiest people on earth. But as we all know that’s not true.

In my article Son, “Money Can’t Buy Life” – Bob Marley I share the story of Bob Marley who’s last words to his son was “Son, Money can’t buy life”

It’s not the amount of wealth we gather that defines our life, it’s the innermost, heartfelt moments that will define our life and make it special.