Jane and I were talking this morning and remembering some of our old friends with whom we have lost connection. We spoke about getting in touch and keeping that connection and friendship alive.

At the end of our conversation we pondered on how important are the people who walk into our lives, some who stayed together through tough times, some who genuinely cared for us, some who encouraged us to take bigger leaps in our personal and professional lives, and of course the ones who gave us a cold shoulder and tried to pull us down.

Good or bad, all of them taught us how to live life better. I once read this quote which said “a man on his death bed never thinks of the money he earned or the possession he acquired but all he wants is to be surrounded by his loved ones, family and friends.

At the end of our lives it is the people in our lives whom we think and misses the most and sadly we’ve got so busy in life that we rarely invest time in friendship; we are happy with the Facebook connection and that’s it.

How much ever is our time here on earth, let’s use it to make a difference in whatever way we can; it won’t only bring joy to others but make our lives better as well. To build lasting friendship we have to invest out time, energy and money. It is a sacrifice but a worthy and a fruitful one.