We often feel an emotional drain in dealing with arrogant, mean and manipulative people around us and for most of us our minds get absorbed in unwanted battles that make us unhappy and unproductive.

Especially for the creative ones, dealing with difficult people can completely drain out the creativity out of us.

Social Intelligence basically is the art of knowing and dealing with these difficult people in our lives and not letting them or their opinions control us.

When we come across difficult people in life, most often we end up exaggerating their negative qualities because we view people through the lens of our emotional needs which becomes a habit. Rather we should learn to focus on their positive qualities and make that a habit. This does not mean that we ignore their negative qualities but instead we learn to deal with it wisely.

Social Intelligence is, therefore, a process of discarding the negative naive perspective and approaching something more realistic. It involves honing our observational and emphatic skills that we naturally possess. It means accepting people as they are. It is a way of thinking that we all need to cultivate.

“You must allow everyone the right to exist in accordance with the character he has, whatever it turns out to be; and all you should strive to do is to make use of this character in such a way as its kind of nature permits, rather than to hope for any alteration in it, or to condemn it offhand for what it is. This is the true sense of the maxim – Live and let live … To become indignant at people’s conduct is as foolish as to be angry with a stone because it rolls into your path. And with manu people the wisest thing you can do, is to resolve to make use of those whom you cannot alter” – Arthur Schopenhauer