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6 habits of happy people I admire

If you’ve noticed my last few posts, all of them talk about Happiness and I guess it is because I’m in a journey of discovering the true meaning of being happy. My previous posts: Happiness – A Priceless Possession – JULY… Continue Reading →

Happiness and Success are two different things

I have seen people who are extremely wealthy and possess all good things in life. At first, when we look at them we may assume that they might be the happiest people on earth because they are successful. I know… Continue Reading →

Happiness – A Priceless Possession

There are a number of us who take pleasure and seek for happiness in buying and possessing material things. The advertisements nowadays are so sickening, they make us feel unhappy if we do not buy their products or avail their… Continue Reading →

Happiness is all I want

The ‘Happy’ song is just stuck in my head. Yes, truly all I want is to be happy. Life is a roller coaster ride for all of us, and we’re always hoping that things will get better someday; some day… Continue Reading →

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