When we were kids we lived in a world filled with possibilities, our thoughts wandered without boundaries, just like dreams filled with images, places and actions. As we grow older we link these imaginations with our experiences and eventually form conclusions that kill creativity.

That is why when my son Jairus reads a story or plays with a toy, it becomes an adventure, a new reality to him and when I read the same story I can’t help but notice everything unrealistic about it.

This childlike thinking is our Original mind.

“Never lose the child-like wonder. It’s too important.” Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture

On the other hand as we grow up with varied experiences in life it draws us to the realities of adulthood. We learn to live a disciplined life based on these realities which is called Conventional thinking or having a Conventional mind.

A person with a conventional mind gets succumbed to pressures around him and his dreams become responsibilities like career, school, marriage & children. Adventure turns into risk management, planning & worry.

Only true masters manage to blend the two – discipline and a childlike spirit – together into what we call the Dimensional Mind.

Such a mind is not restricted by experiences or habits, they branch out into all directions and make deep contact with reality, explore more dimensions of the world and transform everything it digests into something new and original, creating instead of consuming.

As you progress in life, learn to develop your Dimensional mind that gives the right balance of discipline and childlike spirit.

The above text are my notes while reading the book “Mastery” by Robert Greene