Just recently I recorded a video of my 4-year-old sweet little niece Adora, where she’s sharing her version of the Jesus story.

All I did was place a camera in front of her and let her speak her heart. And out of all the things she spoke of for 10 minutes, I edited out the special moments and made it into a 1-minute video.

The end result was beautiful, even beyond my expectation. The family loved it but more so, the friends who saw the video were mesmerized by her.

The experience taught me a very beautiful lesson. I learned that just like this little girl, everyone is unique and has something special about them. It is beyond the outward appearances – a hidden beauty within us that makes us special.

Truly God has beautifully and wonderfully created us in his image.

The reason we sometimes fail to see it in ourselves and in others is because we fail to notice, fail to capture the moments, edit them out, and even fail to fan into flames the inbuilt qualities and talents which we are all born with.

Here’s what I think we can do to draw out the best in us-

1. Stop what you are doing right now (I mean taking a break or however it applies to you).
2. Sit back, Relax.
3. Reflect on your childhood days and remember the spark you had.
4. Remember the dreams you saw, the talents you had.
5. Now, think of what you can do differently with your life that can help you start dreaming again.
6. Take baby steps towards your dreams.
7. Don’t stop, keep going.
8. Fight against all the negative feelings that discourage you from moving forward.
9. Find a way out through all the obstructions that stop you from making it happen.
10. Trust in God, your creator, the one who made you special.

This is also my story. Trust me it works, and there is no turning back for me in living out my dream. Hope you too find your joy in how special you are.