“One Rupee World” was our son Jairus’s dream to give away toys to the underprivileged children. He shared the dream with us when he saw some kids on the streets playing with mud and stones.

After giving much thought, we decided to go for it. Jairus shared his dream on a video encouraging others to join him and we posted it on Facebook and even created a site www.onerupeeworld.com.

The response was amazing and the way the whole initiative turned out just filled our hearts with unspeakable joy.

Here are the lessons we learned from this initiative and believe these will encourage you as well.

Never let go of dreams that make a difference to others

We were so glad when Jairus shared his dream. What was most exciting was that his dream was to bless and make a difference to others and that was something that God laid on his heart.

It was a joy to see our six-year-old being so sensitive to the needs of others and that was what we wanted to encourage in both our kids. When we asked him to select the toys from his toy basket, he chooses the best ones without any defects.

What you can achieve together can’t be achieved single handedly

I can’t say that this whole project could have been a success without the support, motivation, and help from those around us. We were overwhelmed by the responses of our friends and acquaintances in the way they contributed toys and sweets towards this cause.

The best part was partnering with an NGO called ‘Bigger than Life‘ that played a key role in giving us direction and guidance on where we should go and how it should be done. By having them by our side along with our family made the whole experience only richer and unforgettable.

Stay away from greed that can destroy you

Well, most often than not I must confess that we fight this battle within us to resist all kinds of temptations while we seek to do good; greed being one, can creep it’s ugly head out.

For instance, when we received a good bunch of toys as a contribution from friends both me, Jane, Jairus and Amaze sat together to divide the toys into various bags. At the end of it, once all the toys were packed, Jairus held on to an animal puppet and curiously asked us if he could keep it. He said he could use it to entertain the kids and then keep just that one toy for himself.

However, when we explained to him the rewards of honesty, integrity, giving what’s best and the consequences of greed, he willingly obliged.

It’s a lesson for all of us, in every stage of life to be content with what we have rather than coveting what we don’t and thereby letting greed destroy us by stealing our joy, peace and always causing us to be restless.

You experience real joy from what you give and not what you get

There’s a scripture in the Bible which says, it’s more blessed to give than to receive. I cannot emphasize this truth enough to say how much this holds true.

I have learned this valuable lesson over the past years and can firmly tell you that the times that I have had the opportunity to give to someone in big ways or small ways has brought me such inexpressible delight by simply witnessing the sparkle and enthusiasm on their faces. It’s so worth it!

Don’t stop with one good act, go for another.

I learned that we can become so complacent with ourselves once we have achieved what we desired that we think ‘That’s it, I guess I’ve done enough’. But we can fail to see the countless less fortunate people with unlimited needs to be fulfilled, the numerous opportunities for adding worth to someone’s life and the differences we can make in our own communities.

The list is endless, so let’s make the most of the limited time we have in our hands.

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