This morning when the boys woke up from their sleep, Jane reminded them that today is the 30th of December and the month is ending tomorrow to which Jairus responded “Wish December had 40 days instead of 31!”, which made me realize that indeed this month was special for the family.

To be honest, there was nothing exceptionally great considering our circumstances, the new business that’s moving slow, and the low budget that we’re running on. We didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, neither for our boys nor for ourselves.

Yet, this month was truly memorable because we got opportunities to catch up with dear old friends, near and dear ones by chatting, laughing, reminiscing past memories, playing games and enjoying with one another.

We celebrated Christmas with our church family, which was one of the best so far. Jairus and Amaziah got to spend time with their grandparents, uncles, aunties & cousins. We ate the best of home-made foods, shared some good laughs, rested well. I got to stay away from my routine work schedule.

Apart from God, His grace, mercy and love, it is truly our family and friends that we value and treasure the most.

And of course, not to mention the pleasant weather. Less sweat, less stink makes life just a little bit sweeter (atleast in Mumbai) 😉 So just like Jairus, I too wish that December had 40 days instead of 31.