During my quest of finding my purpose in life, I read this interesting quote somewhere which sounded like “Return to your Origins to find a clue to your purpose expressed through your inclinations towards a particular object or an idea”.

I was also reminded that almost every great achiever in history had these childhood inclinations that made them who they are.

Albert Einstein when he was five was gifted with a compass by his father. The boy was transfixed by the needle which changed direction as he moved the compass. The idea that there was some kind of magnetic force that operated on the needle, invisible to the eyes, touched him to the core. For the rest of his life, all of his interests and ideas would revolve around this simple question of hidden forces and fields, and he would often think back to the compass that had sparked the initial fascination.

Steve Jobs spent his childhood in Silicon Valley and only participated in competitive swimming and never took part in any team sports. At the age of 12, he saw his first computer. He was so impressed by it that he knew he wanted to work with computers. He was an unusual kid and always wanted to do something outside the box. Have you wondered where the tagline for Apple “Think Different” come from? It came from a man who thought differently.

Leonardo da Vinci was born out of wedlock and therefore barred from attending the university or practicing any of the noble professions. His schooling, therefore, was minimal, and so as a child, Leonardo was left mostly to himself. He enjoyed wandering through the olive groves of the landscape – dense forests full of wild boar, waterfalls cascading over fast-moving streams, swans gliding through pools, strange wildflowers growing out of the sides of cliffs. The intense variety of life in these forests enthralled him.

Often we lose these childhood inclinations as we become more sophisticated; we lose touch of these signals from our childhood days. It gets buried under the weight of our educational systems and the influence of our societies that are least bothered to know who we really are and would rather enforce their agendas so you behave like a horse with blinkers who can only see in one direction.

I am convinced that our true purpose in life is hidden somewhere in our childhood. You must dig for signs and such inclinations in your earlier years. It is already there within you, you have nothing to create. All you need to do is dig and refine what is buried inside.

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