A Good Listener learns more

The other day I met someone who had come home as he wanted to borrow a software from me; he was a cool guy who had come up in life the hard way. During our conversation, he shared about life and how he found a job and what his future plans etc were.

Whatever he shared really encouraged me and I honestly learnt quite a few things just from that brief meeting. But after a long time I realized that he was talking to me for a good 1 hour and I just kept listening to him, there were few instances when I wanted to address certain issues from my life & experience but had to wait for an opportunity as there was no space at all and then the only thing I could think about was how to bring him to a halt and end the conversation because I had other work to do.

Many times we can become so engrossed in talking that we can miss out on the beautiful lessons we can learn from the other person’s life. Listening is such an important aspect of a learning process which we so often ignore. We are living in a world where almost everyone around us wants to do all the talking and there remains a handful who are willing to listen. I completely agree that listening is pretty challenging but it’s a skill we need to develop as much as any other skill.

Always remember a good listener learns more.


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