What is this Blog about & Why should you read it?

My name is Saju Joseph, and I work as a Sr. Digital Marketing Consultant. My wife Jane is a homemaker and a teacher. We have two sons, Jairus and Amaziah and we homeschool our children.

We started our homeschooling journey in the year 2009 right after our older son Jairus got out from the nursery. When we began homeschooling our two boys, we were entirely naive and did not know much about it the way we know it now.

In fact, it was after we decided to homeschool that we started reading and educating ourselves on how to homeschool.

Its been 7 years since we started homeschooling, as on 24th Jan 2019, my older son Jairus is 10 years old, and my younger son Amaziah is 7 years old.

To be honest, homeschooling isn’t a smooth ride as many people think. In fact, there were many challenges and hurdles we had to overcome (and we still do) as we started, but the journey has been the most fulfilling one of all. We also know for sure it is going well with our boys, if you to ask them, both our boys will say that they love being homeschooled and have never complained or asked us to send them to school.

We don’t claim that we are perfect in any way but every day has been a learning experience. We’ve learned more from our mistakes than our well-equipped, well-thought plans and strategies. And my wife and I wouldn’t have prefered it any other way.

The most important lessons we’ve learnt are from our failures than our successes.

We’re also part of a larger community of homeschooling family and friends in India as well as abroad who are like-minded, and the joy of homeschooling our children alongside them is beyond our ask. We value their contributions that have helped us navigate through this journey.

An initial couple of years were a struggle, answering all kinds of questions thrown at us and trying to convince people to believe that we are not ruining our children’s future. We’re convinced that homeschooling is a better fit for our family in educating our boys which we feel will go a long way in helping them make much of their lives.

We’re quite content in this journey and have been enjoying it to the fullest. We don’t feel it necessary to defend ourselves anymore.

Most people in our country still think that homeschooling is a foreign concept, which is entirely false. In fact, if you dig deep into Indian history and culture, you will see the roots of homeschooling embedded in the ancient Indian civilisation and the way they educated their children.

I want to use this blog to educate parents about the nature, concepts, methods of homeschooling from an Indian perspective. I believe this will give you a proper cultural understanding of where we come from and where we are headed as Homeschooling Indians.

Hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Happy Reading!

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