Attention Seeker vs Attention Giver

In my conversation with people whom I meet, I love to hear their stories of struggles and triumphs as it enriches me and enables me to understand life better. It gives me hope, it gives me joy and helps me add value to people who go through similar struggles. But what is vital at the start itself is to make that connection.

Unfortunately, there are also those with whom I struggle to connect. I call them the “Attention Seekers” and let me tell you why.

Now, please don’t get me wrong & please don’t get offended. I’m not saying that everyone with whom I don’t connect with are “Attention seekers”. People come from different backgrounds and have different experiences, their reason for disconnect may be some other reason as well. Here in this post I’m talking about the extremist, people who take pleasure in being an Attention seeker all the time.

Attention seekers are people who are always striving to get noticed for their good looks, their personality, their skills, their knowledge, their professional career, their possessions and so on. They are always full of themselves and absolutely oblivious about what’s going on around them or in the lives of others.

They take pleasure in being the hot topic of everyone’s discussion.

Now before you think about others, I want you to take some time out and think about yourself. Do you think your family, friends or colleagues would put you in that same category as well?

If yes, I want to encourage you to read through the rest of the article because I’m going to share few benefits of transforming yourself into an “Attention Giver”.

Attention seekers push people away

If anything the attention seeker person is only pushing people away. Trust me, no one likes to be around a person who doesn’t have anything else to speak about besides themselves.

Think to yourself, would you like to hang around an “Attention seeker”. No. Absolutely not!

The people of our country are smart enough to identify leaders who seek their own good that is why we see a party like Aaam Aadmi at rise.

Attention seekers are selfish in nature

As they’re always thinking about themselves, they end up being selfish. For them, their comfort matters the most and would care less for others.

They will not go out of their way to help someone in need even if it is something as small as lending a seat in the bus or train to someone weak or needy. Their motto – Get the best out of a deal even if the other person goes in loss.

Our political leaders, for example are only occupied with filling their own pockets and ignoring the needs of people who are suffering for basic necessities.

Attention seekers fail to influence the society

I believe we all are created and called for a purpose and the purpose is not just to survive and make a living for ourselves and die. Remember, it is about people all the time. Together we make this world a better place to live in.

Therefore, our contribution to the society matters a lot. If we are always caught up with ourselves, we’ll never make a difference to others and the society.

Attention Givers

Attention givers are those who always care for others, they are a true blessing. They will go out of their way to help anybody in need. They genuinely love people and keep others before them. This adds true joy to their lives.

Attention givers are happy people

As they are not an attention seekers, they hardly get discouraged when people ignore them. They live in a happy zone because making others happy is what matters for them.

This is the kind of leaders our country needs, people who are attentive to people’s need & willingly serve our country wholeheartedly.

Attention givers actually draw more people to themselves

Yes. That’s true. Because of their nature, more people like to hang around them as they add value to others. They give a listening ear and are proactive in finding out how they can make a difference in someone’s life.

Like they say “A friend in need is a friend in deed”, Attention givers are the best example of a friend in need.

The more attention our leaders start giving, the more they will draw people to themselves. Parties will not have to pay for votes to win elections.

Attention givers make this country & world a better place

Look at any great leader who has made an impact over our lives. As they cared to give attention to people and their needs, they made an impact in our society.

Mother Teresa cared for the sick, poor and needy. She spent her whole life attending to their needs and definitely made a difference in the lives of millions of people.

Mahatma Gandhi was troubled at the state of India under the rule of the Brits and dedicated his life to bringing freedom to us, he was definitely an Attention giver.

Let’s not forget Bhagat Singh and other martyrs of our nation who contributed to our society by sacrificing their lives. They attended to people’s needs wholeheartedly.

There are countless such famous and not so famous personalities that I can share but time is limited. Let’s become attention givers so that we can influence our society & nation for the better.

Image credit: Some rights reserved by Redrock Junction

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