Beauty the Butterfly

Few days back my sons found a butterfly in their room which really didn’t look attractive but guess what, the boys still named it ā€œBeautyā€ because in their eyes it was something quite fascinating and which caught their attention. They were very excited and happy playing around with their new found friend. Though I was busy working, I enjoyed watching them talking to the butterfly, giggling & making lots of noise.

As a father that is what I always want for my boys; to be happy, cheerful and worry free all the time but Iā€™m also aware that life is challenging and there will be times in life that will be tough and hard. The challenges of chasing your dreams, making it big, getting your family in order, maintaining healthy relationships, bringing up children etc.

My advice to my boys is to continue living with a good and cheerful spirit for the rest of your life even in times of challenges. Out of all the negative things you come across, search for beauty. By beauty, I mean the moments that take your breath away, sway you off your feet and push you to breakout with joy and laughter, remember the feeling when you found that butterfly in your room.

Always remember to play, laugh, giggle and make lots of noise all the time because that is who you are & that is how I like to be.

Image credit: All rights reserved by umutgultekin

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