Being a Man

I have 2 lovely sons whom I love dearly. Because of the flexibility I have with having my own business I get to spend a considerable good amount of time with them. One thing I have learnt by being with them is that they are totally unpredictable, you never know what they will do the next moment. I have to always be on guard watching what they are up to. Guess that’s the way they are designed to be, adventurous and risk takers. It reassures me that that’s the way a man is made. Now I’m not saying that women are less adventurous. They are special in their own way, in fact they can be the greatest support a man can ever have.

What I’m saying is that we as men with the nature in which we are created, carry & own a greater responsibility to make our families, our society & the world at large a better place to live-in along with the love and support of the women God has given us. We are called to fight the good fight, we are called to protect & look after the people we are leading. Our role as men is crucial to the society we live in.

It is quite disturbing to see our society where men are changing. They love the comfort of their home more than the pressure & challenges in the world, they like to hide themselves when they see violence on the road, they only enjoy fighting with bad characters on a play station, they don’t want to stand for the rights of their women & children when they are tortured and killed by lunatics & frustrated men.

God has made us strong, given us a strong heart, we are adventurous & risk takers always willing to take the lead. All I’m saying is let’s rise up & put ourselves on the front line, stand and fight for what you believe is the right thing to do.

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  • Jubin

    This is a wonderful short article. It’s always refreshing to read someone else’s thoughts on a subject that I deeply resonate with.

    Good stuff! 🙂


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