By all means, break Rules

I was always under the impression that if I have to win then I need to play within the rules; which is what our schools teach us, our organization enforces and the government expects from us.

Now that I think differently, I believe there are some rules that need to be broken no matter from whom or where it comes from.


There are few facts you need to know about rules; firstly they are made by men and it is possible that they could be wrong or silly, secondly rules can often set limits to what you can achieve otherwise and thirdly rules are also made to exert power and control to make your life miserable.

The other thing about rules is that they change. Just in case you happen to join a law school the first thing they tell you about the laws is that those rules are going to change so get used to it.

The other side

On the other side there are some really good tried and tested rules that give us guidance in making future decisions, determine if someone has violated a social convention, keep things fair for people, give us structure and predictability. Rules are great at these things.

In my observation most rules are mere guidelines, not physical laws that cannot be disobeyed.

In the course of time we’ve learned how to play by the rules.

  • We often listen to experts that tell us how to push and pull and tweak until we align our business interests with the rules that decide positive outcomes.
  • We follow the rules hoping that we end up being successful. Hoping that the rules that worked for someone else end up working for us.
  • We religiously believe in myths and superstitions passed on by our ancestors as rules for good living.

And so our lives & businesses look alike, sound like, and fail alike.

We’re all doing the same things, following the same rules, and all wondering why the rules don’t seem to be working all that well.

Until someone comes along and teaches us that the rules don’t really matter.

Guess what? To achieve greatness you will have to break some rules. Your turn to decide which ones you want to start with first.

Go ahead and question authority. Break a few rules that block your view. Be a little wild. Ask “why?’ a whole lot more. It just means you’re alive. How else, my friend, do you expect mankind to make leaps in progress?

“Learn the rules so you can break them properly” – Dalai Lama

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