Children are always hungry for more

They say the initial years of a child’s life are the most important years because that’s when they grasp most about life, relationships, behavior and so on. In technical terms, it’s like the foundational programming that happens, the logical calculations are formed, the If’s & Then’s are generated. What they learn in those years reflect in their lives as they grow up to be adults & mature men and women.

As parents, these years should be the crucial ones for us as well and we have to make the best use of the time we have in hand. Once they grow up, you will hardly be able to teach them the valuable lessons they need to learn.

When both our kids came into our lives, we made a decision that at least one of us will stay at home with our children full time as they grow up. That meant Jane had to quit her job and spend maximum time with the kids, we even decided to home school our boys and make the best use of our time with them in every way.

Now, that’s the choice we’ve made for ourselves and not necessarily it has to be yours as well. All I want to emphasize is make sure you’re spending quality time with your children at least in these crucial years of their life.

Having said that, you’ll notice that no matter how much we do for our children they are never satisfied & I’m not saying that in a negative sense. What I mean is in these initial years they are like a big sponge ball that can soak in more than what we can imagine. They have this great appetite to take in whatever is offered to them.

Here are few examples….

.. hungry for more love

In my eBook ‘5 keywords for great parenting’ the first keyword is ‘Cuddle’ which means “to hold close in one’s arms as a way of showing love & affection”. I’ve already written a post on that here, please do read it. Also please subscribe to my eBook to discover the rest of the keywords for great parenting. I’m sure you’ll find it useful.

.. hungry for more attention

When I get back home every evening both my sons welcome me with a hug and kiss and for the rest of the day they just want to hang around and grab as of much of my attention as they can. They want me to hear about the fight they had, the food they ate, the scolding they got from their mother, some new dance moves they learnt & show off their ‘stunts’ such as jumping off the bed and rolling on the floor.

I believe this is true for every child, they just love to grab attention. I’m sure you have more stories to narrate just like mine.

It will be really sad if we fail to give our children the attention they deserve. Let us make every effort to give them 100% attention even if it means to switch off our favorite program onTV or the mobile phone, let’s do it.

.. hungry for more time

Making time for our children is a real shift in focus especially when there are other things crying out for our attention.

Remember the time you have with your child is bounded, once they are grown up they will go on their way to pursue their dream and career. You have a short span to make an impact over their lives & it is important that you don’t allow anything to come in between.

Take time out with your children as often as possible

.. hungry to learn

Apart from just the regular studies, there are a number of things we can teach our children which they will be quite keen to learn.

Take out time & teach them stuff that suits their skill sets. If your child is musically inclined bring some cool instruments like guitar, a bongo, keyboard or a dzembe. There are so many tutorials floating on the youtube that teach the basics of playing some of the instruments, let them live in it and explore.

If your child loves taking pictures buy them a camera, take printouts of their best shots and stick on their wall.

If your child is creative buy them a canvas and colors, let them sit and explore some designing softwares. If they like electronics get some electronics items for them to assemble and play.

You’ll never know how these skills might inspire them and accelerate their growth.

Our children are always hungry for more, why not feed them with good stuff.

Image credit: All rights reserved by Budweezer

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  • Clifton

    Thanks Saju for sharing your genuine experiences. What i liked most about this post is the simplicity with which you’ve conveyed your thought across.


  • Lalit

    This is Great for all Fathers.


  • Apollo Gomes

    Takes the courage to step out of the mindsets of our parents
    upbringing and set off on the course and designs the Lord has in store –
    if only we can be responsive to get out of the pit of familiar domain
    and brave into the unknown.Many have had the fore knowledge of this
    concept but hardly any takers and the gumption needed to work on it with
    resolute.I know someone who had stepped out and then went back to the
    beaten path lacking in the consistency.Great steps !!


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