Come out of your caves just like the Croods

Last night I watched this animated movie called ‘The Croods’ with my boys. The story is about a family of 6 members called the ‘Croods’ who lived in the caves all their lives, a deserted place surrounded by deadly animals. The head of the family made sure they got out of the caves only for food and stayed in the dark caves most of the time. He often used to make up stories to his children of people who went out of their caves to explore new things and died.

Exploring new things, meeting new people and going out of the dark caves were strictly prohibited.

Until one day when a stranger came into their lives and told them that their world is about to come crashing down and that they need to go out in search of the light to find life. At first they don’t take him serious but one day when the earth starts shaking and their caves come crashing down they decides to step out in search of the light eventually finding a better life.

What is your cave?

Have you wondered that so often even we get caught up in a cave, a safe place hiding from people & scared to explore new things in life? The dark looks much better because there is no one looking at us, pointing a finger at us, criticizing us. No risk of being tortured by the corrupt politicians, robbed by thieves or molested by morons.

What I learnt from this movie is that life is an adventure; there are so many things to do and see. But if I stay in my cave of mediocrity, small thinking, fearful of the risks and dangers out there then I will never be able to explore the beauty of life.

And you know what the tragic part is? We even pass it on to our children.

Let me tell you there will be challenges, there will be hardships, people will criticize your every move especially those who love the caves. But we need to learn to face & fight them with courage, overcoming every obstacle to find a better life & future for us and for our children.

Let me be that stranger in your life today reminding you to follow your dream, follow the light because the caves that you are stuck in will eventually come crashing down some day.

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