How to convince your children that you love them?

Every parent loves their children and makes every effort to make them feel loved but there is so much happening around our lives and our children’s lives that often as parents we might wonder if they really know how much we love them.

Often parents do a lot of things to express their love but not necessarily does it work all the time. I have seen in many families, parents are so absorbed in their busy schedules and the work load that they can’t spare enough time for their kids. So, to compensate on the loss they either keep buying all the things that would keep them happy momentarily or just let them do whatever they want to their heart’s content regardless of the effect on them.

So, please don’t have these misconceptions in your head, they are not true at all.

Here is what you can do to make them realize how much you love them.

Take out time.

Hey, have you sat down and counted the number of hours you spend with your children every day? Now, tell me are you happy with it? I personally feel that even the few hours I spend with them is not enough.

On an average even if you spend 1 hour a day with your child, by the time he/she is 18 years old, you’ve only had 6048 hours with them which is equivalent to 252 days. Now it depends on how many quality hours you spent out of that which will determine how much impact you had on your child.

I tell stories to my children very often & because of the limited no. of stories in my head I end up repeating most of the stories. What I realized is even if the story is repeated many times they listen to it with the same zeal and enthusiasm which taught me that it’s not the content that matters, it’s the time together with them that matters. But I still want to discover more stories that I can share with them, who knows how they will react when they grow up.

Trust me the more time you can give your child it confirms your love to them, when they grow up they will cherish these moments and talk about it to their children.

Save up energy.

It’s a hell out there at work place, working hard to make ends meet; no matter how much time and energy we put out there the returns look disastrous. The growing cost of daily items makes it worse.

I understand that we all go through those frustrations in some way or the other. But children are not really bothered by it & I wish I could be like a child again without any worries or tensions.

Yes, all this takes up most of our energy but can I urge you to consciously save up energy that you can spend on your children.

Save up energy to play with them, to talk to them, to take them to the park, to read books, to watch movies together, to color, to dance, to laugh, to crack jokes, to cook, to run.

Your love is communicated to them when you save up energy & make them feel that you are 100% there with them.

Remember our actions speak more louder than our words, express your love in words as well as in action.

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