Different Ways of Treating Introvert and Extrovert Children

The most crucial part of parenting process is to understand your child’s personality and caring for him/her accordingly. The most basic part of personalities (even in the MBTI’s type of personality) is being either an introvert or an extrovert. It is important that parents recognize what category their child falls into, since the ways of dealing with these two kinds of children may vary radically.

Extroverts vs. Introverts

Extrovert children relate to children who are very outgoing and introvert children are ones who are shy and like keeping to themselves. Extrovert children feel their energy getting drained off when they spend long periods of time alone and feel a recharge of energy when they socialize.

Dealing with Introverts

Introvert children feel a drain of energy in the middle of people and feel their energy being recharged when they spend time alone. Here are a few tips on how to care of children who are Introverts:

  • Never embarrass an Introvert child: Be it mentioning their messy drawers in front of their friends or brushing their hair in public introvert kids can be easily embarrassed and this kind of embarrassment forms a deep scar in their confidence level and eventually their personality.
  • Chastisements Must Always Be Performed in Private: Making mentions of their mistakes in front of people or reprimanding them in public is not going to change them, just because you think you made them feel “ashamed”. This, in fact, will breed a slowly sprouting rebel. Mention their mistakes in a gentle way in private and you can be sure that they’ll respond better.
  • Respect Their Need for Privacy: As mentioned before, they feel a recharge in energy when left alone; so give them that “me” time alone! They like retrospection and thinking – just accept, and respect it!
  • Do not force them to have many friends –Instead, help them in finding one best friend with similar interests: Introvert kids feel “lost” and “disconnected” in a crowd. They find it hard to “get along” and be part of the crowd. Do not try to change their feelings forcibly, and instead help them find someone who shares many interests with your child.

Dealing with Extroverts

Here are a few points on how to care for extrovert children

  • Accept Their Enthusiasm and Encourage Them Constantly: Children who are extroverts tend to be overly enthusiastic, and super-excited about things they like. It might seem a little too much especially for introvert parents but remember that this is what they really feel and it’s not just a “phase”. Be sure to encourage them in their endeavors. Extrovert children feel a deep need of support from their parents and when you do encourage them, you can be sure that they will remember your support forever!
  • Let Them Explore While Talking Things Out: Extroverts can be a quite loud about nearly everything, from feelings to opinions. Lend them an ear, and be there when they need to talk to you, and allow them the freedom to explore things on their own just the way they like it.
  • Make Physical and Verbal Gestures of Affection: Yes, you may love your child, but an extrovert kid would need you to reinstate that feeling by reassuring them constantly with affectionate gestures.

These are just a few pointers to help the parents. And, one can get a greater deal of insight by letting their child go through personality tests to figure out what kind he/she is exactly, and then polish their parenting skills accordingly.

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