Drifting away & finding your own path

This morning as I left home for work, a sudden thought occurred to me.

I was walking towards the bus stand and remembered talking to a friend the other day and telling him that I never run after a train or bus even if I’m late to work. I like taking that sweet little walk towards the bus stand and wait there till the bus arrives, look outside the window as I travel towards the station, enjoy the breeze, smile when I see street kids enjoying their silly toys, feel the sorrow of some struggling through life yet fighting it through, empathize with other fellow travelers waking up early in the morning and progressing towards their daily chores.

In a city like Mumbai its a very unusual thing to do because everyone around us seems to be in a hurry to reach their destination, catch their usual 8:39 AM train, catch up with the daily news on paper or punch their company card exactly at 10 AM in the morning.

From the time we are born everyone around us forces us to think, make decisions, live lives, get educated based on certain assumptions that the culture, people or the system forces on us. A child born in a village is taught that village life is the right way of living, that he is born to inherit his fathers occupation, look after his fields, provide for his family.

A child born in a city is taught that the only way of living is eventually finding a 9 to 6 job in a company and work the entire life till their strength drains off, get their kids married at the right age, buy a house of their own and later divide it equally among of the children, and die of heart burn.

Then there are other smaller beliefs, thought & patterns that we get stuck to like doing business is only for the rich and wealthy people; no matter what your interest in life is, you have to graduate in commerce, science or arts and eventually get a job that has no connection with your education. Grab whatever opportunity comes your way and hang on till the rope is cut.

We are taught to follow the crowd which they say is the only way to survive and stay safe, avoid asking questions outside the already defined boundaries; boundaries defined by the system, our cultures, our traditions, the political leader of our clan.

Stepping out and doing anything outside the defined boundaries is made to look like a crime, a rebellious attitude.

Well, here’s me, a rebel. I’ve found the true way of living and enjoy each moment, to drift away from the predefined way of living and finding my own path, defining life based on my own experiences and discoveries.

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