The Endless Human Quest

I guess most of us would agree that we spend a lot of our time and energy looking for answers to our questions about life, about the earth, about our existence, about people, about other species, about the past, about the future etc

As we grow up we also realize that we are made unique and different from other species, we have special abilities and characteristics that stand out from other animals and birds.

As humans, we are evolving every day.

  • To understand the past and predict the future, some of us have become scientists & researchers.
  • To understand human anatomy and find ways to fix them when things go wrong, some of us have become doctors & surgeons.
  • To help & move things faster and efficiently, some of us have become engineers & architects.
  • To manage the population and maintain law and order, some of us have become politicians & leaders.

It is our human quest that has brought us thus far.

And what we know so far is what we learn & understand about this world through the lenses and experiences of our ancestors who learned from their ancestors.

As people lived on this earth they would try and test everything and see what works and what doesn’t and then make rules that protected them from doing certain things that would harm them and rules that brought success on this earth.

And then, we transfer that knowledge to other humans, starting with our immediate family members. And as years go by the list of rules get bigger and bigger, creating too many rules & too many boundaries around us that stop us from exploring and learning new things. We call these rules traditions, norms & laws.

But we forget that the world is constantly changing & evolving, what used to work in the past won’t work now, what seemed dangerous a couple of decades earlier is quite possible today with the advancement of new technologies. What seemed right earlier could be totally wrong, what seemed wrong could be totally fine in this generation.

And sadly, most of us have stopped & given up our quest because of our traditional mindset, and maybe also because of the barriers created by so-called educational systems that are so out-of-date which instead of encouraging us and giving us the tools to continue with our human quest has stopped us from thinking out of the box, stopped us from failing, from taking risks, and made us mediocre people who like our boundaries and doesn’t want to see more, experience more and quest for more.

As homeschooling parents, we want our children to continue with their human quest and make attempts to find answers with regards to hard questions about life, see the world in its fullness and experience it in a newer way, cross every boundary and walk free, to take on a journey for a long, arduous search for something better.

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