Fathering is Hard Work

As a professional I live a busy life from Monday to Friday and spend most of my time in the office, in the evenings assist my wife with the business. By the end of the day, I’m completely exhausted and most of my energy is drained out.

But by the time I am home, I realize I have 2 boys just waiting to pounce on me with 100% energy level even after engaging in some activity or another the whole day. It starts when the doorbell rings in the evening and I hear the chaos in the room just to open the door.

Initially there were times I ignored my boys and disappointed them because I would be on my last leg. Of course, I wasn’t doing that deliberately but only because there was no other option.

It was after quite a long time that I realized that Fathering is not just a choice but a commitment made when my children were born into this world and that I have to be as devoted to them just as I would be to my work or a client whom I serve.

And it is only till they are 18 years old that I have the luxury of ‘time’ with them and it is only during this limited time that I get to nurture them, teach them good values, prepare them, love them, and encourage them that will decide the fate of their future. As a Father it is my responsibility and I cannot ignore that.

Trust me, it is not so easy but each day I push myself, save up energy to play with them, talk to them and invest my time in them. I have this deep joy filling my heart as I watch them grow into men with good values and free spirit.

Here are few things I deliberately try to stay away from while I am with my children. I haven’t perfected it but I believe they play a crucial role, could be helpful to some of you.

Ignore my phone

Though smart phones are a blessing in many ways but it can also be a spoiler. Remember there could be nothing more important than your children while you are with them. Nothing bad will happen to you if you miss out a phone call or a what’s app message during that moment.

Ignoring the phone while you are with your kids will help focus on your child and give them all the attention they wish from you.

Shut down the TV

I’ve noticed the easiest thing to keep your children quite while you are tired is to switch on the TV for a short while. Not sure how many of you do that but I’ve done it sometimes and the TV stole my precious time with my children and I no longer wish to do that anymore.

Do not make television a substitute Father for your children. Though it isn’t bad always,they will only be influenced positively and gain knowledge by spending time with us as parents.

Stay away from work

This is quite the hardest thing for me as I sometimes have to respond to urgent mails and work on important assignments that need my attention. In case of urgent work, I ask my boys permission to work for a little while and let them know when I can join them.

I am trying my best to work a way out where I can keep my work aside while I am with them and I hope to be successful someday as that’s my goal.

Yes, Fathering is hard work but trust me you will enjoy every bit of it as you realize the difference you make in their lives & they will respect you for that.

Image credits: Francesca

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