Our Homeschooling Curriculum So Far

When it comes to homeschooling, parents often inquire about what kind of curriculum we follow to which we respond that we pick and choose between different curriculum depending on our children’s learning style.

In this article, I want to list down the homeschooling curriculum we’ve used for our boys so far. Note that our elder son Jairus is now nine years old and Amaze is six years old.

Of the homeschooling families we know, each follows their methods and choose their curriculum. So, there isn’t any set rule or format in place. I recommend that you too would do your research and find out what fits your child’s interest and learning style.

Please note that besides the books listed below, we also refer to quite a few resources online in our early years of homeschooling for specific subjects.

Five in a Row

Website – http://fiveinarow.com/

“Five in a row” was introduced to us by a close friend, and we used this curriculum for almost a year. It’s a literary-based unit study curriculum for younger students. It’s an excellent curriculum that benefits all kind of learners.

The lessons and activities are carefully laid out enabling you to choose whichever fits your schedule for the day. There are different storybooks for each week. Both Jairus and Amaziah enjoyed reading the book each day for five days.

Every day, they would learn something they didn’t hear the first time. So, by the end of the week, they knew the story and also learned a little bit of science, history, geography or maths.

McRuffy Language Arts

Website – https://mcruffy.com/

McRuffy is a reasonably priced curriculum that covers reading, phonics, grammar, spelling, and composition. All the lessons are short as well as quite simple and easy to follow.

The lessons and workbooks are engaging with questions at the end of each story and some writing assignments. Composition, creative grammar writing though, isn’t taught in much depth, so you may want to use other supplement books if you choose to.

Apologia Exploring Creation with Zoology 1 & 2

Website – https://www.apologia.com/187-k-6th-grade

Apologia has been an interesting book so far. We used this with our older son, and we’ve had days of mixed emotions. Jairus enjoys learning particularly about animals which is why we picked up this curriculum.

Though it does cover many interesting in-depth facts, I must say that it is a bit advanced. We would be looking at words such as ‘binomial nomenclature, classifications of various animals (Mammalia), aerodynamic pressure’ and so on.

The child also gets to learn a lot by journalizing, experiments, narration and so on. It does place a proper focus on creation (specific to birds and aquatic creatures) pointing to God’s supremacy.

Also, we learned to spread out lessons over the course of the year instead of trying to complete it all in a short span of time which proved to be less stressful for Jairus.

Math Mammoth

Website – https://www.mathmammoth.com/

Math Mammoth is a great curriculum that explains various concepts in a clear and concise manner. It’s a mastery-based that concentrates on one topic at a time for all the lessons.

There are quite a few word problems which give the child a sense of how to connect it all in real life. Also, there isn’t any set order to follow. You have the flexibility to start with whichever section you want to, and if you think your child hasn’t fully grasped a particular concept well, there are download links with plenty of worksheets that you can use.

Mathmmoth is an affordable curriculum, available in downloadable files which are great because you can use it for your younger kids as well.

BJU Press (For Reading)

Website – http://www.bjupress.com/page/Home

This curriculum consists of useful lessons that give you a Christian worldview. It is interesting, and the lessons are laid out chronologically. The child needs to read the lesson and answer the questions asked either in written form or orally.

There is a student workbook with various activities, and also the Bible is incorporated into each lesson. It was challenging though to coordinate the student text and activities with the teacher’s manual.

It’s not something that a child can study independently. But our boys did enjoy reading the stories a lot.

The Story of the World (History)

Website – http://www.susanwisebauer.com/books/the-story-of-the-world/

Ancient history to modern ages is what is covered in this book. It’s an excellent introduction to history. What is appealing is that the textbook is presented in the form of narratives.

Since Jairus loves reading, he would explain what he learned to me briefly and prefer doing all of the writing work on his own. It includes a textbook, workbook with coloring pages, maps, projects, and tests. It is somewhat broad and does not provide the in-depth study. Some of the project instructions though are unclear.

There are a lot of additional books suggestions which we didn’t have access to supplement our learning.

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