Homeschooling in India Book

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The Homeschooling Indians

by Saju Joseph & Jane Joseph

Homeschooling is an alternative method of educating children at home. Through this book, we intend to share with you, 7 years’ worth relevant experience on homeschooling from an Indian perspective.

In time, it dawned on us that most people in our country happen to believe that homeschooling is purely a foreign concept. On the contrary, a thorough study of India’s history and culture will reveal that the roots of homeschooling are remarkably embedded in the ancient Indian civilisation.

This book is an opportunity to inform parents seeking guidance regarding the concepts, nature and methods of homeschooling from an Indian perspective and how to progress as Homeschooling Indians.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. Homeschooling roots in ancient India
3. The downfall of Quality Education
4. Why Homeschooling
5. Homeschooling challenges
6. How to start homeschooling
7. Homeschooling curriculum
8. Father’s role
9. Mother’s role
10. Homeschooling day
11. Managing home and homeschooling
12. Discipline at home
13. Keeping children focused
14. Final words