How to Start Homeschooling In India?

My wife and I started homeschooling our first child around six years back, and it wasn’t as popular then as it has become now in a short span of time.

Though homeschooling is common in many other countries, in India, it is just picking up.

Recently I read a lot of articles on the Internet talking about homeschooling as the better option for parents who are considering a meaningful education for their kids.

I’ve written a couple of articles on why we homeschool our children, and a lot of parents have been writing and asking me for guidance and help on how to start homeschooling.

What is intriguing to know is that most parents love the concept and feel positive about it, unlike some traditional-minded Indians who would say that sending your child to a regular school is the only way to educate them.

I’m not saying that sending your child to a regular school is not a good option considering that the school is providing quality education, nurturing creativity, have passionate teachers who care, have more to do with learning and not into unhealthy competition, and bridge different learning styles, etc.

But if you haven’t found a school like that, and are concerned about your child’s education then I would suggest that you homeschool them instead.

Some of the general questions I receive on my website is as follows …

Q: Is homeschooling legal in India?
Q: Do we have to register anywhere?
Q: How do we move forward and start the homeschooling process?
Q: What curriculum should we follow and where do we get the study material from?

Is homeschooling legal in India?

Though the government has not legally put anything on paper, in the past they have stated that “parents dissatisfied with the education system may choose to homeschool for their children.” Here’s an article that will give you more descriptive detail on this matter – “Is homeschooling legal in India?

Do we have to register anywhere?

Our children are homeschooled for past six years, and we haven’t registered them anywhere, neither have we heard of any other homeschooling parent in our network doing so. We know of many senior homeschooled kids who directly appeared for their board exams.

That’s all we know for now. Our kids are still quite young but we’re sure we will figure it all out as they grow and learn.

How to move forward and start the homeschooling process?

To start, all you need to do is stop sending your child to regular school and start teaching them at home, but don’t do it without the approval and consent of your partner to avoid future conflicts or disagreements.

There will be challenges in homeschooling along the way, so it is vital that you both discuss and agree on how to work things out together so that your child/children are positively impacted rather than affected by your disagreements.

It’ll also be helpful if you can do some research on which curriculum you want to follow, network with other homeschoolers who have kids of around the same age as your children to create more social interactions.

Homeschooling Curriculum

The best part of homeschooling is that you get to pick and choose your curriculum that best suits your child’s learning style. Our boys follow different curriculums for various subjects. I’ll soon post another article introducing you to the curriculum we use for our kids.

At the end, what matters is that the child is learning and growing his/her learning appetite.

Hope I’m able to provide some help and guidance in this article, please do feel free ask any questions in the comments section below.

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