How to Start Homeschooling In India?

We have found many parents who are eager to educate their children at home often confused about what is the process involved in getting started with homeschooling. In this chapter, I will try to give a roadmap for you to begin your journey.

Legalities of Homeschooling in India

The most common question parents ask is about the legalities of homeschooling in India.

The simple answer to that question is that presently, there is no formal body that promotes or governs homeschooling in India. However, parents who want to homeschool their children can do so.

Mr Kapil Sibal, the minister of Human Resource Development, gave this assurance in 2010. An article in Times of India, Pune dated 8th September 2010, published a report by Neha Madaan about Kapil Sibal’s views on homeschooling with regard to the RTE Act titled “RTE: Homeschooling too is fine, says Sibal”. Here’s what the article said.

“The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (RTE) Act,2009 wants every child to be in school, but if somebody decides not to send his/her children to school, we are not going to interfere. The compulsion is on the state, not on the parents. Parents are free not to send their children to school, but teach them at home. We cannot be micromanaging.” Sibal told TOI on Tuesday. The Act stipulates eight years of formal education for all children between 6 and 14 years of age. Homeschooling parents believe in individual skills and want to nurture them in their children at home rather than in schools.”

Since the time we started homeschooling, there has been a lot of new developments. The recent one, being the announcement of ‘Open SSC Board’ by Maharashtra government, an initiative that encourages students to pursue schooling from home.

To know more about the legal side of homeschooling in India, I suggest that you visit www.homeschoolers.in. ‘Swashikshan – Indian Association of Homeschoolers’ is an informal organization that will guide you on legal questions and share the latest developments.

Decide on the approach

To begin homeschooling, there are a couple of approaches you can take. You need to decide which one suits you and accordingly plan ahead.

Approach #1: Take your child out of regular school and start educating them at home without any affiliation with a School or Board. Currently, this is how we’ve chosen to homeschool our boys.

The reason we chose to educate our children independently in this manner is so that we don’t have to stick to a particular curriculum but have the freedom to explore various other resources and methods available nationally & internationally.

Later, as we progress, we will choose which Board is suitable for them to appear for their 10th examination and accordingly, we will introduce them to the curriculum. As of now, we don’t know which direction we want to go with the Board.

This approach fits best for children who are in their elementary or middle school years. For children who are close to the 10th grade, you might want to look at other approaches since you don’t have enough time in hand.

Approach #2: Some schools allow parents to enroll their children as a private student. In this approach, parents can choose to teach their children at home but have to follow the curriculum and examination process of the school.

In this approach, Parents will have to personally approach the schools, that have affiliation with the Board you desire, whether IB, SSC, IGCSE, NIOS etc. But you will have to follow the standards, curriculum and method of teaching adopted by the school.

On the other hand, parents who take the first approach will have to find ways on how to enroll a child to the desired Board when he or she is ready to switch. We know of quite a few families who’ve taken this approach whose children have successfully finished schooling and are now pursuing other creative courses from different Universities and Institutes or are in regular college seeking higher education.

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Start with a Plan

Homeschooling our children for the past seven years have taught us one main lesson – everything is less complicated and chaotic when we have a plan in place.

With kids growing older, assignments expanding, and our memory stretched, we place a lot of importance on planning at the beginning of each academic year. The teaching plan might be a bit rough and not too detailed, yet it serves as a meaningful guide for the entire year.

We don’t usually do things in a highly standardized or systematic fashion. However, we think that planning supplements a rather flexible way of learning followed in our home. Planning provides us with a more precise roadmap, keeps us sane and ensures a smooth flow since a hot cup of morning tea/coffee, and common sense can only take us so far.

Even though we know how crucial planning is in almost every area of our lives, we tend to ignore this step. But in homeschooling, we can’t expect order and accomplish tasks without proper planning.  It doesn’t matter if we failed to stick to every detail of it, but a plan at least defines our goals and gives a start to the road ahead.

We should bear in mind that the goals should be specific, viable and time-based. We found out a lot of times that we started off with an impressive list of what we want to achieve but would get discouraged within a very short span after executing it only to realize that it’s unrealistic and far-fetched.

So, we ended up getting disappointed and frustrated. Instead of enjoying the whole learning experience, it would, unfortunately, become burdensome and stressful. Therefore, it’s good to set goals or objectives that are attainable and write them down so that the whole family is on the same page and has clear expectations.

List down goals like what you want your children to learn in the new year. It could be to read more, write essays or book reports, master certain Math concepts, do more art projects, science experiments, and so on.

Once you have done that, you can focus on which subjects you want to teach them this year. Write them down against each child’s name so that you can start looking for the resources and curriculum that you’re thinking to purchase.

Then think about the number of days you plan to homeschool. Our state government requires 180 days per school year. We align our schooling days accordingly. However, we have the flexibility to either teach our kids year-round with breaks in between or follow the academic school calendar, which ends before the summer break.

As homeschoolers, we have many options for an annual schedule. Take into account vacations, unforeseen events, sickness, other obligations and prepare the teaching schedule accordingly.

We spend five days a week following our homeschool routine and decide on which subjects need to be covered each day. Once that’s done, we break down the week to the specifics of how each day will look.

For instance, what time should we start? What subjects will we learn in the first half and second half? How many breaks will we take? While teaching the older child, what activities/tasks should the younger one be doing and vice versa? Which day of the week do we participate in certain programs, attend homeschool Co-ops, shop for groceries, and so on? Considering any obligation depending on the time of the day, we will consider moving our lessons around either in the afternoons or evenings.

As mentioned earlier, we don’t cover every subject each day. Days that are limited to a few subjects have assignments that take longer to complete, and when there are more subjects to cover on other days, there are shorter assignments. That keeps everyone in the family from feeling defeated or falling under immense pressure. We have found that it’s helpful to keep Mondays less packed as it sets the tone for the rest of the week.

Homeschool goals that are broken down monthly, quarterly, and yearly are good but preparing plans in small chunks too helps us being mindful of what’s required ahead as well as keeps us in the present. It’s simple, decide on the approach, plan well and you are ready to roll.

The Homeschooling Indians – Book

This book is an opportunity to inform parents seeking guidance regarding the concepts, nature and methods of homeschooling from an Indian perspective and how to progress as Homeschooling Indians.


  • Priya Darshan Parekh

    Hello and very warm greetings.First and foremost I want to applaud your decision of homeschooling your children.Among many other benefits that it has one of them is that you have given me and I am sure many parents like me the confidence of considering the option of homeschooling.It surely requires a lot of courage.Coming to my query, I want to know if there will be any problem to our kids at the time of entering college education?


  • Vaibhav Verma

    I am doing homeschooling for my 7 year old. It’s easy if you follow a curriculum. I am following IB and IGCSE curriculums.
    Sites with lots of amazing resources like Twinkl, British council and TES are always helpful. Particularly Twinkl has lots of amazing resources at very cheap (approx. INR 400 a month) price. I emailed their office in UK and they gave me some discount as well.
    Thanks for your blog though.
    Regards 🙂


    • Saju Joseph

      Hi Vaibhav, Glad to know that you’re homeschooling too. Appreciate your valuable input on curriculum and resources.


      • Hema

        Hi Joseph,

        I want to know few more information on choosing a curriculum with IB and IGCSE. Is there something available at a reasonable price for us in India? My kids are in grade 7 and grade 3. Can you please let me know how should I be choosing curriculum for them? Can you please email me at haritha.kishore@gmail.com if you have any other information please? Desperately looking for help!

        Thanks and regards,


    • Hema

      Hi Vaibhav,

      I want to know few more information on choosing a curriculum with IB and IGCSE. Is there something available at a reasonable price for us in India? My kids are in grade 7 and grade 3. Can you please let me know how should I be choosing curriculum for them? Can you please email me at haritha.kishore@gmail.com if you have any other information please? Desperately looking for help!

      Thanks and regards,


    • Christy

      Hi! I am a Mother of a 3 year old and I’m planning to homeschool my child following the igcse curricula. Need some guidance. Where and how to start and how to go about in the future? I mean how to prep for any eligibility exams later on.


    • Gauri

      Hi, I plan to home school my son who is 6 yrs old and would like to follow IB and igcse curriculum. Is there a way I could connect with you. Lot


      • Saju Joseph

        Hi Gauri, glad to know that you are considering homeschooling, you can chose whichever board you are comfortable with, just ensure that the board will allow homeschooling children to appear for the board exams when it’s the right time. If you like to connect you can send us your phone on contact@afathersheartbeat.com and my wife Jane will reach out to you.


  • Pushparaj J

    My child is 4 years old… I don’t want to send her to any public schools and want to learn from the home itself…

    I’m just hearing about homeschooling and want to know I’m thinking right or wrong? if right then want to know the procedures of starting homeschooling her.

    Pls, let me know. Also, it would be great if there is any way to get counselling over a phone call.


  • Manushrree Joshi

    I am teaching my 4 years old daughter at home. I want to know where to apply officially for my kid where she could write exams and get certificates so that in future if required can be admitted to school since school will definitely ask of certificates to give admission in a particular standard.

    Kindly provide information.


  • Vinay

    Is it possible to do homeschooling in the American system for grade X and subsequently IB in grades XI and XII in India.
    Best regards,


  • Zeeba

    Hi Saju,
    Read your article on homeschooling and was highly impressed that in a country like ours where traditional schooling methods are rampant, you chose something more creative and nurturing.
    I would highly appreciate if you could guide me through this entire procedure of homeschooling as I would like to try it out for my 5th grader.
    Awaiting a quick response
    Thanks and regards






  • Sushil

    Hi Joseph, My daughter is in 7th standard ICSE board we want to go for homeschooling for her I just want to know whether ICSE board support Homeschooling or I should opt for some other board so that there will be no problem in future while enrolling her for higher studies.


  • Naila


    I have a nine year old beautiful daughter. She’s starting her 4th grade.. I am a single mother and have been traveling for work to different places. I want more time with my daughter and would like to opt for home schooling..
    This year I will be moving back to India and would like some help with choosing a curriculum ..

    Any help and advise appreciated.

    Mummy 🙂


  • solomon

    Hi Saju,

    I am glad read your article on the homeschooling. Thanks for sharing your journey for the rest of us and giving some ideas to walk the path.
    My son is 3 years old. He is attending the regular school. He is, however, struggling in the school. He wants to study, but not in the school. We are considering to have homeschooling. May I kindly know, how to go about it with best curriculum?
    If you don’t mind would you please email your comment at s6pani@gmail.com
    Thank you!


  • Shazia

    Hello sir,
    I m planning for home schooling ma daughter she is one year old at what age should we start homeschooling ma daughter. And I want know about IB and IGCSE boards in detail. Is there any reasonable board or curriculum for ma child…. Actually I m new to this concept and want to know how these board guide their students… Please send me detail through email.


  • Saranya

    Hello sir,

    I have decided to home school my boys age 4 and 2.5. your article Is really helpful.

    When we need to decide the cariculam to follow? Is there any challenges kids face when get to socialize?

    Thank you.


  • Somi Abraham

    Hi Saju

    My son is in 5 the class.I want to start homeschooling for him from this year.Can u suggest me pls.


  • Shweta

    May I please know if there is a homeschooling option ICSE board?


  • Narayanan

    Thank you for this article
    Very informative and insightful. Homeschooling can be the right way forward for right future building for the Children with ownership and hardwork. God bless you.


  • Gineesh Cherian

    Hi Saju,
    Myself and my Wife are residents of Kerala. We have com to Bareilly , Uttarpradesh due to a compulsory government job transfer. We are sending out most precious asset ( Our 7 year old daughter ) to a local school here.( we had no options ) But I desperately want to save her from that unwholesome environment. We both are decently educated and we think we can teach her at home. Was going through your blog . Kindly give me some details as to where can I take admission and how can I get the material… Please Please Help .


    • Saju Joseph

      Hi Gineesh,

      Glad to know you are planning to homeschool your daughter.

      As of now there is no government system where you can enroll your daughter if you are planning to homeschool. We have two boys (11 and 8) and we have been independently teaching them using various study materials and resources that fit their learning styles.

      As they approach senior class we will look for the best option to enroll them to.

      You can go through our book ‘The Homeschooling Indians’ to see our journey so far.


  • RK Sharma

    During this phase of Covid19, anxious to start homeschooling along with some like minded parents with their kids in class 1 to 8. But apprehension for testing and grading with final output as a paper we call mark-sheet. Plz guide and suggest.


  • Rakendu Sharma


    I am seriously looking forward to this mode of education during these COVID19 times.
    My daughter has to join the second standard in an ICSE board school, but I don’t think it’s feasible and safe to opt for proper school during these times. I am looking forward to the best board and platform which provides homeschooling. And also if everything becomes normal by next year, I can enroll her back in proper school in the third standard.
    Please help me with your guidance.



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