Stretch Yourself A Bit Everyday

Most people want to grow in life and I don’t only mean by getting rich but growth in terms of knowledge, gaining more wisdom, ability to make good and sound decisions in life, in achieving excellence at work, ability to create and maintain healthy relationships, grow as a leader in the community you serve, grow in confidence, grow and maintain a better physical appearance by eating healthy & exercising regularly and many more.

This definitely does not happen by chance, or even by sitting around and doing absolutely nothing but dreaming.

Just like a sportsmen who understand the importance of stretching themselves a bit everyday, putting in extra effort, pain and time to achieve the required stamina and strength to put up their best performance. I believe it’s exactly how it should should work in other areas of our lives.

Investing time, energy and stretching yourself a bit everyday to reach your desired goal is so important. If it’s gaining knowledge or making better decisions that you are looking to grow in then you need to invest time in reading relevant books and resources that will help you grow in that area.

If achieving excellence in your work place is where you want to grow then you need to stretch yourself and find ways to improve your skills in the desired field.

If making and maintaining healthy relationship is your goal then you need to stretch yourself and invest time in your relationships.

If growing as a leader is what you want to achieve then you need to stretch yourself and periodically connect with your people.

Plainly said, we cannot expect growth if we are not willing to stretch and walk the extra mile.

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