The Blame Game

After a sweet afternoon nap, I decided to go and play squash. The boys, as usual, were busy studying and was barred from coming with me because they hadn’t completed their studies for the day.

I put my outfit, wore my shoes, took the bat and started looking for the squash ball and it was nowhere to be found.

“Amaze, come here” I shouted, “Where is the squash ball?”
“Why are you asking me, I did not carry it back, Jairus did,” said Amaze.
“I don’t want to know who carried it back, search and give it to me right now”

By this time Amaze started crying and quickly started looking for the ball and after searching for a while, he couldn’t find the ball either.

With tears flowing his cheek he said “It was Jairus who carried the ball back and not me”

“Where is Jairus?” I asked.
“In the washroom, taking bath,” said Amaze.
“Go and ask him whether he knows where the ball is,” I said.

By this time Jairus had finished taking shower and came out looking for the ball and neither could he find it and came back to me saying “I think I gave it to you, Dad”.

“What Jairus!! what did you just say?” I said irritatingly “Jairus, I remember you playing with the ball while we were coming back from the court, don’t makeup things”

“I want the ball right now, go look for it”

Both the boys absconded for a while, I thought they were looking for the ball in their room. Apparently, they involved their Mom and convinced her that they were telling the truth and that the ball was handed to me by Jairus and I was responsible for losing it.

My wife, convinced of what the boys told her came out and tried explaining that somehow she thinks the boys are telling the truth and that maybe I must have kept it somewhere and forgotten about it. She insisted that I should clear my mind and think where I must have kept the ball instead of scolding the boys.

That was it, I had no words beyond that. I went in and changed into my home clothes and continued with my work.

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