The Helicopter Parents

There are two types of parents and the way they bring up their children.

The first type of parents are the overprotective types, they are also called the ‘helicopter parents’, it refers to a parent who constantly hovers over their child physically, emotionally and mentally – these parents think they are helping their children but overprotecting parenting can squash the child’s autonomy.

They create a loving environment for their children and only expose them to the good things, they teach their children how special and unique they are, provide them with the best of resources, best of toys, best of everything.

They tell their children to stay away from bad company, stay away from children who are from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. They teach them to stay and play only with their type of children.

This type of parenting looks good for a period of time but the problem arises when these children are taken out of the boundaries of their loving and caring homes into the real world – to the workplace, to interact with others and to make a living.

The children all of the sudden learn that they are no more special. That they don’t always get the best of things as they used to get from their parents.

They have to now interact with the same kinds of people from whom their parents told them to stay away.
They realize that the world is not always loving and caring but it is also a cruel, selfish, and mean place, and sadly they were never told about it or even trained for it.

This is one of the greatest problems with the current generation of millennials today. The result is many of these kids turn out to be lazy, depressed, lonely and even suicidal.

The second type of parents are those who create a loving and caring environment for their children but also educate and prepare them for the real world. They teach them how bad the outside world is.

They tell them and prepare them for situations where they will be treated badly, bullied and made fun of.

But they also teach them how to guard their hearts, how to fight their emotions and stay strong in those most difficult hours.

Even during the hard and difficult time, they encourage their children to be different and continue to do the right thing, to love the most undeserving people on earth and become role models and torchbearers for the good of humanity.

We read stories about these great heroes who changed the world and brought a positive impact on humanity, some managed to do it and some sacrificed their lives trying to make it. You will see the difficulties they had to face, the pain they had to undergo, the hardships they had to endure to stand and fight for what they believed.

What type of a parent are you?

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