a complete homeschooLing GUIDE for Parents and Home Educators

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Homeschooling is an alternative method of educating children at home. Through this book, we intend to share with you, 7 years’ worth relevant experience on homeschooling from an Indian perspective.

This book informs parents and home educators seeking guidance regarding the concepts, nature and methods of homeschooling from an Indian perspective and how to progress as Homeschooling Indians.

Customer Reviews

A must read for every parents!

A well researched book! Complete guide to homeschooling explained in simplest language. Saju and Jane talk about not only perks of homeschooling but also the challenges, giving clear picture to the readers. It’s sad how parents are so hard on themselves for finding a perfect school not realizing that sometimes the perfect school is right within their homes! You being parents are perfect judge to know your kid’s strengths and area of weaknesses. Quoting Albert Einstein “every kid is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live whole life thinking it is stupid – Amazon Customer


This book goes in detail about how various controlled and uncontrollable factors can shape your child. They show an insight to how homeschooling has worked for them and it takes time to strike a balance and find the right formula for your own homeschooling journey. Homeschooling has intrigued me and would love to explore more. – Glen

Useful and resourceful book

Very useful book with lots of tips and suggestions which are not only apt for homeschooling, but in general upbringing of our kids. I loved the writing style, it’s simple and easy to read and follow.– Jam

Awesome book

The book has helped me on my decision a lot thank for writing an awesome book – Bhatt

Great book for homeschooling parents..both new and experienced

It’s a great book with lots of practical approaches that can be applied in your homeschooling journey..roles of parents, how a typical day looks like and a lot of curriculum references too. Thank you Saju and Jane for being so honest about your challenges, it helps us relate to our struggles too. I would highly recommend this book. It’s very informative. Definitely a great read for Indian homeschooling parents. – Ran_Lyn

The Homeschooling Primer for Indians

This book was an eye opener for me. As someone who went to a school and was surrounded by fellow kids who went to school, homeschooling was a new concept to me. This book helped me see the roots homeschooling has had in India’s ancient past plus the various benefits it has for kids who go through this unique path to being educated. A well written book which I enjoyed reading and which will, I believe, definitely be helpful if you’re an Indian family looking to explore homeschooling for your children. You can read it even if you’re an unmarried man who is far off from having your own family – Jubin Kurian Varghese

Highly Recommendable!

Dear Parents, please read this book. I was looking for such book for our kids, especially in our Indian perspective. Great effort and well appreciated for your hard work.– Amazon Customer