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Chapter 1 of the Book “The Magic Key” by Amaziah Joseph

This is chapter one of the book “The Magic Key” written by my younger 8-year son Amaziah.

We invite you to join this journey with us for you to review, share feedback, give suggestions, critic, and encourage, primarily to keep us motivated and also share our world with you. The chapter will remain online for the next two weeks.

(Note: My wife Jane edited this copy before posting it here)

The Mysterious Key

Hello, my name is Evan, and I am 8 years old. I love to explore many places, and when I step outside, I feel there are so many exciting things around to explore. I live in a small house with not much. My father is an engineer. I sometimes help by carrying his tools, cleaning his workspace, and handing out whatever he needs. My mother is a tuition teacher, and she loves to help people even if she has lots of work. Sometimes I feel that I am very different from others, and few people think I am crazy because I believe that God made me unique.

Ronald is my BEST FRIEND EVER! His hobbies are drawing and coloring. He is a very loving person. We fight, but we always sort it out. Also, he loves playing checkers.

One day I went out to play with my friend Ronald. We played in the park for 2 hours or so. After playing with Ronald, I was walking back home when I saw a few old pieces of furniture, meant to be thrown away, lying on the side of the road. Then, in all the rubble, I suddenly noticed an old, dusty chest. At first, I thought it was nothing and ignored it, but eventually, I couldn’t resist opening the box. 

I found a golden key in the box, which surprised me. Since it didn’t belong to anyone, I placed it in my pocket and went back home. It was already late evening. I quickly took a shower, ate dinner, and went to bed. I did not want to tell anyone in my family about what I discovered until I found the missing clues. So, I carefully put the key in one of my closet drawers. 

The next morning was my favorite day, SATURDAY! Meaning it was my holiday!

I took the key and went out to play with my friend, Ronald again. While I was running around, the key accidentally fell out of my shorts pocket. After I picked it up, I realized that there was a hole in my pocket. I knew that I had to be more careful and not behave clumsily. The following day was church. My Mom woke me up and told me to take a shower. I took a bath right away and then changed as fast as I could.

My father booked a cab, but we were already getting late. When we reached the church, the sermon had already started. We had to be quiet because the sermon was going on. I took a book to draw and for a few minutes after that. Even though I was listening to the sermon while drawing, the key was still lingering in my head.

After church, I met everyone and spoke and played with my friends. Later, my Mom said that it was time to go home. 

The next morning was Monday, and I had to do my schoolwork. After I finished my lessons, I started playing my drums. While I was playing, I took a break. I was still thinking about the key. I went to my room to have a look at the key again. As I was examining the key, my finger pressed a diamond-like symbol.  

All of a sudden, I saw myself in a different world. First, I was petrified, but after some time, I gathered up courage and slowly began walking ahead. Soon, I saw the same wooden chest! When I opened the chest, I did not see a key, but I saw a paper. When I opened the paper, it read, “You have to find where the key leads you. Go forward, and you will meet the Story Teller, who will explain what to do.”

 I wanted to find the next clue. So, I kept going forward and forward and finally reached a well. I sat by the well for a while as I was tired. Then I saw a man dressed in strange attire. He had long hair, long white beard, and wore a red cloak over black pants till his knees with long boots. He approached me and introduced himself as the Story Teller. He asked me where I was going. I explained all that happened. When I showed him the piece of paper, he told me to keep moving ahead until I find the next clue. He warned me about many distractions but encouraged me to stay focused. 

So, once again, I trudged along, not knowing what’s coming next, but I was eager to find out more about the magical key. Then from a distance, I spotted another lane connected to the path I was walking. As I came closer, I saw a sign put up at the beginning of the lane that read, “A Surprise is Waiting for You!” I thought it wouldn’t hurt to find out what is the surprise. Once I do, I decided that I would return to this path again. The lane was long, crooked, and curvy, but then I finally reached a fun looking place that looked like an amusement park. As I got closer to the park, there was a huge entrance gate. A strange-looking clown appeared all of a sudden and invited me in. I told him that I didn’t have money to buy a ticket, but he giggled, shook my hands, and exclaimed, “It’s all for free! Enjoy, it’s all for free!” I was pleasantly surprised, so I stepped inside hesitatingly. I was amazed at the sight of rides, food stalls, tons of games, and the crowd. 

I noticed a Merry-go-round where kids were laughing and having a great time. It looked tempting, and since I didn’t have to pay for the ride, I decided to get on it. It was such fun! I enjoyed the whole ride. But when I got off, a guard stopped me and asked me for my ticket. I told him that I didn’t have one because the clown invited me in. He had a wide smirky grin across his face that meant that he didn’t believe me and thought I was lying. No matter how much I tried to persuade him, it did not make a difference. 

The guard arrested me, tied my hands with a cuff, and put me in jail. He locked the jail door, saying that I would have to pay for my crime. I realized that the clown tricked me. I felt miserable and kept crying. I thought it’s over, that I can’t go back home, and I’m trapped here forever. I regretted not paying heed to the Story Teller’s advice to walk ahead on the straight path. 

I couldn’t sleep through the night with no hope. Then suddenly, early morning the next day, while it was still dawn, a little boy dressed up in rags turned up from nowhere and opened the door lock with a key. He told me to follow him and not look back. We ran for a long distance until I couldn’t see the park anymore. We were exhausted, but at last, we reached his house. He locked the door behind us and sat down at the table, panting breathlessly. He reached out to a jar of water and offered me a glass too. After a few minutes, I asked him his name. His name was Jake, and I introduced myself as Evan. We talked for several hours without realizing how the time passed so quickly. He insisted that I stayed a bit longer and offered me some refreshments. I agreed as I began enjoying our conversations. He reminded me of my best friend, Ronald. 

The next part will continue next time see you!

I hoped you liked the story.


  • Laura

    Very well done. I enjoyed all the details. I could imagine in my mind exactly what the Story Teller looked like. Maybe descibe more what the path looked like leading to all these interesting places and what was happening at Evens home while he was away. Have a very blessed day and it was a joy to read.


  • Susan Joseph

    That was excellent start would like to know more about Jake.

    Amaziah God bless you for this…keep going.


  • Jeff R

    Well done! I like that some mysteries get resolved quickly, but some continue on. I began to wonder: “Who is the Story Teller?”. However, I came to know quickly. Still…who put the paper in the box? How can this person know and guide with so much knowledge? Maybe a new character will be revealed in the end..

    Also, Jake seems to be a trustworthy friend. Yet, if time passed quickly talking to him, is he trustworthy? Is he another distraction? Evan will have to be very wise and perceiving in order to succeed at this quest.


  • Jubin

    This is an interesting story of an 8 year old boy, written by an 8 year old boy. Excited to see how Evan’s adventure unfolds.

    P.S. I liked how Evan is aware that God has made him unique. I am intrigued to see how this plays out in his story. 🙂


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