This is how you bring out the best in you

We all like to put up our best before people whether at work or family or with friends. The reason we want to do that is because we like to be appreciated and loved by them.

Have you ever been in a place with others around and you completely feel isolated or left out whether maybe while traveling with a bunch of guys, you feel like you are someone who is just passive or a silent listener or in a conference room with your office colleagues,you’re simply pushed to a corner?

I’ve been there quite often and I know how it feels as I was a real introvert and comfortable in my own space not wanting to be threatened if I had to come out of my box. Well, I’m here to encourage and say that you can change and bring out the best in you all the time. If I can change, anybody can change

Let me share with you what I did to come out of my introvert nature. Give it a try, I’m sure it will help you as well.

Connect with a stranger daily

This is where I started from. I knew I need to break that mold of mediocrity and come out of my shell in conversing with people as often as possible.

Many times when we are in a crowd, we shy away from talking to people because we tend to judge the other person by thinking quite highly of him and devalue ourselves in our mind even before we get there. That guy on the other side must be a person just like you but you have created a wrong perception about him which keeps you away from connecting.

Here’s what will help you. Before your mind talks to you make an effort to connect with the other person without making any judgments and you will soon realize your mistake. The more you connect with different kind of people, the more confidence you will gain in coming out of your shell.

Start connecting with at least 2 strangers every day. It could be the rickshaw fellow, vegetable guy, fellow traveler in the train, a new colleague in the office.

Recently I had this long conversation with an old rickshaw driver who shared his entire life history with me, his struggles and his joys. I’ve even started conversations with strangers in train just talking about the new phones in the market. Trust me it helps.

Put up your best posture when you are with others

Your body language does a lot of talking even though you don’t realize it. There are some people whose posture you look at and you know he is a closed person carrying a “Do not Talk to me” sign board over them.

It’s easy to point that out in others but it is difficult to realize it in ourselves. The problem is because of our emotional nature, our bodies respond to the nature of our current situation.

When we have a fight or an argument at home, we carry a swollen face, when we go through a financial stress our bodies look downcast and sad. When we have tough times in our office we carry an angry look, when we are not happy with what we are doing we look frustrated. And the sad part is we allow it to be seen even when we are with our friends, families and colleagues.

If you want to change as a person and bring out the best in you, learn to put up your best posture while you are with others. Your problems and frustrations will always be there but make an effort to keep it aside and don’t let that steal away the joy of the present.

How about giving it a try and test if it brings out the best in you all the time? And don’t forget to let me know if it works for you too.

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