The tree I loved

Few days back, I was thinking about a childhood incident that struck me and I spent quite a lot of time thinking about it.

When I was a small boy I remember this tree on my way back home from school. For some reason, I found this tree quite unusual as it had a long branch stretching out just few feet above the ground. Very often I would drop my bag at home and go back to the tree and sit on that branch playing on it for hours.

I can’t recall any particular thought that ran through my head at that time but I can definitely remember the feeling I had, an overwhelming joy and peace that captured me, away from the pressure of studies and mess. I was so absorbed by that feeling that I even visited that place during my school holidays until one day, I found that branch broken.

When I compare it with my current life I wish I could find a tree like that where I can run away from all the chaos that surrounds me, the pressure of work, this fast paced life that gets you nowhere. You make goals for life and finally when you reach it, there’s still something missing..

I know I can’t go back to that same tree but I can still enjoy those feelings if I can take out the time and find my own space and re-discover myself.

My advice to you boys is no matter how busy life gets, always make time for yourself. It will help you focus on life and chase after things that add true joy and happiness. Remember there is nothing more satisfying than discovering yourself.

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