Homeschooling in India Reason #2 – To Avoid Unhealthy Competition

In my previous articles on homeschooling “Homeschooling in India – The Starting point”and “Homeschooling in India Reason #1 – To Bridge learning styles” I shared the starting point and the primary reason for homeschooling our boys.

One of the other reason is also to avoid unhealthy competition that we see so often in regular schools.

Both me and Jane attended regular schools but honestly speaking much of what we learned and apply in our lives today is through life experiences whether the stuff we do at work or in business. Yes, it has definitely taught us to read, write and improve our IQ but is having a good IQ enough to push us forward.

A great man one’s said “Having a remarkable IQ was of no use if one didn’t train one’s mind to think clearly and logically”

In school, the goal is always to pass the exams and get promoted to the next standard and for some others, it is about getting higher ranks nothing less than distinction. Families pressurize children to perform and get higher ranks and to achieve that, the kids are sent for private tuitions, additional classes etc. We’ve heard of cases in India where students have even committed suicide because of the pressure from parents.

Eventually, all of them end up mugging up and vomiting it on the answer sheets never to see them again. All we see is an unhealthy competition and hardly a qualitative learning.

Healthy Competition

A healthy competition is when you push yourself harder than you would achieve more personal or professional growth whether you win or lose. Healthy competition expands your boundaries of what you believed was possible for yourself, it encourages you to admit to others that you are ambitious.

Unhealthy Competition

On the other side, an unhealthy competition is when your reaction to others’ success is negative, rather than inspiring and motivational. Unhealthy competition is where you hope others have limitations because you are afraid your limitations will cause you to lose unless the other person fails. Unhealthy competition is where you feel ashamed of losing rather than finding ways to overcoming your weakness and working towards it.

We want our children to grow and develop healthy competition and unlike what people think, a healthy competition requires courage to practice being vulnerable in things that matter, being nervous of the new challenges but still taking it on anyways, to grow and learn without being concerned of whether you gain popularity or not.

It is a rat race out there and the winner is always the one who is declared the smartest of all, no matter how he achieves it.

We choose to homeschool because we want our children to learn and follow their hearts and do what they love without being sucked into an unhealthy competition which could even hamper their appetite to take risks and achieve greatness.

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