What are you occupied with?

I think the greatest danger for us today is the snare of being occupied all the time with work and pleasure. Recently I met one of my client from the Indian Film industry and as I was speaking to him I could sense the busy life he was living and wondered if he is really enjoying his Life the way God intended it to be because it seemed like he was so occupied with his work and pleasures that he hardly had time for other things.

If we are only occupied with our work and pleasures all the time and never take out time to think about the Life God wants us to enjoy, then there will come a day when we will loose out on all the things that was always the true of source of joy and happiness.

Remember if we fail to invest in the most important things today, then tomorrow when we get old, retire from our work and have no strength to indulge in our pleasures, we will regret the days gone by. Choose what is right today and when we are at the end of our life we can proudly say “We lived our Life to the fullest and have no regerets”

Here are 3 most important things in life that I think needs a lot of attention so that we can enjoy Life at its best.

1. God

I love the fact that the whole purpose of God creating us is to enjoy all the good things he has to offer us. When God created Adam and Eve he blessed them and said “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground”.

God has offered us a Life full of wonderful experiences to enjoy the beauty of His work and creation, a life free from bondage and sin that steals away our joy and peace, a life that  knows the joy of giving and so on.

We can enjoy all of this only if we take out time everyday to connect with God comminicating with him in prayer, reading, meditating on his word and walking in obedience to his commands.

2. Family

Someone said when a man is on his deathbed he never thinks of his work and money, he always thinks of the people closest to him, his family.

Family is definitely a true source of joy and happiness that’s the way God designed it. The time we spend together, watching our children grow, sharing a sense of Love and admiration makes life more beautiful and worth living.

3. Friends

Good and like- minded friends are truly a blessing. Sharing Life and learning from  one another, adds a great source of motivation in times of difficult challenges.

It is good to to take out time with our friends just chilling out, laughing together, going on long rides and often meeting together with families. They add alot of fun and the time spent with them helps in relaxing our mind from the stress and workload.

Finally as I conclude I pray that we make the right choices today and not let ourselves be too occupied only with our work and pleasures and enjoy life to the fullest.

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