Homeschooling in India – The Starting Point

This is the most common question people ask when we tell them that we homeschool our children so thought of writing about it on this blog.

We decided to homeschool our elder son Jairus immediately after he completed his one year in the nursery and our younger son Amaze never went to one. A dear friend Dr. Mathew & his wife Vinita introduced us to homeschool as they were already homeschooling their 3 children, the elder daughter is now appearing for her 10th exams. Dr. Mathew shared some audio tapes by Jonathan Lindwell on homeschooling and that’s what encouraged both me and Jane to take up homeschooling.

Our background

Let me give some background about us. When it came to regular schooling both Jane and I had varied experiences. I went through a tough time in school as I was dyslexic and had learning disability involving difficulties in acquiring and processing language because of which I was treated as a weak student and often punished for not doing my homework and memorizing the lessons as expected by the teachers. I personally felt that the regular school did not recognize my strengths and since I did not fit into their mold, they wrote me off saying I’m of no good.

I even had to repeat my year in the same standard due to poor marks and eventually, my principal called my mother and asked her to take me out of school and teach car mechanics so I can make a future. Finally when I failed my eight standard one of our family friend advised my mom to enroll me for private SSC.

After I was enrolled into private SSC, the tutors gave personal attention to teach and educate me which then propelled me to stand out from all other students in the class. I passed my SSC and took science in college and completed B.Tech in Computer science and later in Business management.

My wife on the other hand had brilliant school days and enjoyed every bit of it. She was good in her studies and excelled in all extra curricular activities in school.

Decision to Homeschool our children

Though we had different experiences of school life, the moment we heard about homeschooling both of us loved the concept and immediately decided that we would want to homeschool our children. We were not really clear on how to move forward so we spent researching and learning more about it from friends, books and internet.

The more we read articles and spoke to various people in the homeschool community, we discovered that this is how we want to educate our kids; Jairus was 3 and a half years old at the time and Amaze was yet to come. The only challenge was that one of us had to be at home and dedicate our time towards it. My wife willingly agreed and took up some freelancing projects that gave her the flexibility to stay at home and look after the children.

Homeschooling in India – Communities

Today, we are part of a larger community of homeschoolers in Mumbai and also across the nation. Swashikshan – Indian Association of Homeschoolers being one of them.

We plan to home school our boys till standard 10th after which we have a choice to enroll them to either IGCSE or NIOS board but as of now, we follow an international curriculum.

We thoroughly enjoy this journey and wish our parents would have homeschooled us too.

In my next article (Bridging Learning Styles) you get to know the No. 1 reason why we think homeschooling is a better option than the regular school.

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