Wish there was a magic Wand?

As a child and as a growing teenager, I always wished I had a magic wand that can get me anything in the world I desire. My craziest fantasies were of turning into a super hero saving people’s lives and impressing beautiful girls. Now, I can’t help laughing just thinking about it.

Well, it never worked out that way. The more I thought of magic formulas, the harder it became facing the real challenges of life.

But I did succeed in impressing a beautiful girl who is my wife today but that wasn’t magic, it was God grace.

Sadly, even to this day there are people who believe and practice magic to get their things done; you must have seen the Tantrik baba ads in the local trains and other places. The ad promises you good job, beautiful wife, more money, good health and what not. Hey, don’t be fooled.

If one could achieve everything by magic, this world would be a different place.

To live a good and successful life, firstly trust in God, follow your heart, live a purpose driven life and work towards it. There is nothing too hard that you can’t achieve, develop patience and wait for the right time. Don’t stop dreaming big and don’t ever quit. Keep striving, commit your ways to the Lord and he will make your paths successful.

Image – AttributionShare Alike All rights reserved by photophilde

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